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Please feel free to reach out to our support team for any of the following:

  • Content creators – If you would like to join our content team, we are always looking for writers for original content and reviews.
  • Advertisers- To advertise on Shine, get in touch with our ads team.
  • Affiliate/ Influencer- If you would like to help spread Shine within your network, we can offer commissions based on audience reach.
  • Report- If you see objectionable content or feel a piece of content is offensive, we will review it right away and remove it if necessary.
  • Copyright- If you are the owner of content which has been reposted and you object to sharing that content, notify us to remove it.
  • Information/ Requests- If you have platform support questions, reach out and we will get back to with 24 hours.
  • Facebook Group Issues- Let us know if you need assistance with one of our Facebook groups.

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Shine Global Network

39555 Orchard Hill Pl #600

Novi, Michigan



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Shine Global Network is a platform for original Christian content and reviews for Christian music, movies and books.

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