Adulting 101 by Josh Burnette and Pete Hardesty

Adulting 101: #Wisdom4Life by Josh Burnette and Pete Hardesty. Broadstreet Publishing Group, 2018. 192 pages.

Reading Level: Ages 16 and up

Recommended For: Ages 14 and up, especially recent high school graduates (and college!)

“Adulting” is the new word for those ordinary life skills my generation learned from our parents along the way (and countless generations before us). I assumed I would go to college and then live on my own, in my own apartment or house, go to my own job, pay my own expenses, drive my own car, and do other responsible adult things like carry insurance.

My parents were great at teaching my sister and me these sorts of skills. I remember getting my first non-babysitting job, a job I had to interview for (oh, the anxiety!). My dad helped me fill out my first W-2 at the kitchen table when I was still in high school. I remember conversations with my dad about “marketable skills” whenever I would discuss my English-major aspirations (and he would point out that an English major, by itself, didn’t always translate to “marketable skills” the way an English major with a teaching degree did).

As our world has gotten busier, these sorts of life skills and conversations have taken a back seat. No need to fear: Adulting 101 is here! Burdette and Hardesty have taken the material they use for counseling and mentoring countless young people in their various jobs at Chick-Fil-A and Young Life, distilled them down into pithy sections with unique hashtags, and created a valuable resource for anyone about to fledge the nest. Whether or not a high school student has learned this content from his or her parents, Adulting 101 is a handy resource with reminders of email etiquette, how to dress for success, budgeting tips, lessons on leadership, and even some relationship advice thrown in.

Is it a “Christian” book? The authors spend the final chapter discussing where they’ve gleaned their wisdom: straight from Scripture. They ask readers to think about their ultimate purpose in life and to consider Jesus. Those readers who’ve never considered the ultimate questions in life won’t be turned off by the preceding chapters, and they just might give the authors’ final questions some good thought!

The text is full of trendy hashtags and phrases, but the content is solid and readable. Even when hashtags are a thing of the past, the remaining content will still be relevant.

Cautions: none

Overall Rating: 4.5

Worldview Rating: 5Artistic Rating: 4
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