Announcing: The Pilgrim’s Progress Guide from Redeemed Reader!

Over the years, we at Redeemed Reader have been dedicated followers of John Bunyan’s classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Though written to address the conflicts of his own day, pilgrims ever since have read, pondered, identified with, reinterpreted, and reenacted its basic theme of life as a spiritual journey.

The release of the most recent animated version of The Pilgrim’s Progress has inspired further posts from us on the subject, as well as a band-new product in our book store. The launch date is coming up next week, but you can pre-order today. What’s in it for you? Almost 200 pages of

Our exclusive teaching guide to The Dangerous Journey, the best-selling picture book version of Pilgrim’s Progress.Complete plans for a Pilgrim’s Progress-themed party, complete with poster downloads.An original devotional guide for teens and up.Reviews and recommendations for our favorite re-tellings.Our series on “Shepherding a Child’s Imagination,” with discussion ideas to be shared with your church, school, or homeschool community.And more!(Sample page from The Pilgrim’s Progress Coloring Book by Arianna Francis)

We’re also excited to announce our partnership with Arianna Francis, who is offering a brand-new Pilgrim’s Progress coloring book. Already have one, you say? Not like this! In 26 beautifully-designed, down-loadable pages, Arianna imagines all the human characters as animals: Christian as a sheep, Faithful as a Labrador, Timorous as (naturally) a mouse, and many more. This symbolism-upon-symbolism will make the characters even more memorable for children of all ages. As a special offer, Arianna is offering The Pilgrim’s Progress Coloring Book at a 50% discount for those who order The Pilgrim’s Progress Reading Guide (also at a special introductory discount.

What does that add up to? Order the Reading Guide (PDF) at our introductory price of $7.99 and receive the coloring book for only $4.99! Pre-order now at our Pilgrim’s Progress bookstore, and be first in line to receive your copy on launch day, coming right up!
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