Bible Review: CSB Study Bible for Girls (and Boys)

Though more of a devotional Bible than a study Bible, this edition offers thought-provoking questions and application features.

Study Bible for Girls.  Baker, 2018, 1360
pages.   (Text
size unavailable)

for: ages 9-12

Last year was the “year of the CSB,” or Christian
Standard Bible, an update of the Holman Christian Standard Bible which first
appeared in 2007.  All the HCSB is phased
out, all the editions are being republished in the updated translation, but
this may be entirely new—at least, I don’t recall seeing it in the HCSB.  I appreciate the subdued cover design—no abundance
of flowers or butterflies—but be warned, there’s an awful lot of pink in the extra
features.  Two-column pages feature the
words of Jesus in Red.  The book
introductions are unusually long at 2-3 pages, and include major themes and
stories, thought questions, people, riddles and puns, and activities.  In-text features include two-page character
sketches, with bullet points and thought questions, brief devotions under the
heading “Good Morning, God,” “Women’s World” (life for a woman in Bible times),
and “Be All You Can Be” (tips for Christian living).  Full-color inserts illustrate and elaborate
on selected stories; other illustrations are line drawings (some of

With its many application questions and devotionals, I wouldn’t classify this as a “study Bible.” It leans more toward personal devotion than Bible knowledge.  As such, its value for the reader may depend more on her personality and receptiveness than her need for understanding what the scriptures actually say.

Value Rating: 3.5

NOTE: I haven’t been able to see an actual copy of the CSB Study Bible for Boys (with a similar cover in orange and gray) but judging from what I’ve seen online the features are the same, with a masculine slant when it’s obviously needed.

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