Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Read-Along Details

Our Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Read-Along is just around the corner. We know lots of you are excited about this, and we are, too!

If you’ve just discovered Redeemed Reader, or you haven’t checked in for a while, and you have no idea what I’m talking about, stop right there. Check out the Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship introduction post for the book choices, the authors, and more. The rest of this post will make a lot more sense.

Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Details


You! And the girls and women in your life. Gather your daughters, your friends, your mom, your students, your fellow church members–whoever you would like to discuss truth and story with. And, if you snag the Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Reading Guide from our shop, you can join in the closed Facebook group to discuss with more women, including the Redeemed Reader team and some of the authors.


A read-along anchored in God’s Word and biblical truth (faith), illustrated through story (fiction), and discussed with other girls/women (fellowship). We’re using 4 books plus the book of Ruth (more information about each book in that Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship introduction post I mentioned). The books are also linked below if you still need to track them down!

Public Service Announcement: All of our amazon links are affiliate links, which means that we get a small kickback from whatever you buy during your amazon shopping trip once you click through the link. We love it when our readers can find the books we recommend in their local libraries: libraries are valuable resources for local communities, and when good books are in those libraries, everyone wins! Should you need to buy the books, and should you choose to do so through amazon, we’d appreciate it if you use our links. Those affiliate kickbacks help us fund the tech costs associated with this website as well as help offset things like shipping costs when we mail out giveaway books!


The month of March! Starting Monday, March 4, we will read the books, think about them, and talk amongst ourselves for four weeks. The reading guide has a suggested reading schedule, breaking each book up into 4 sections. We’ll post some of the discussion questions here on Redeemed Reader as we go, but the reading guide has all of them upfront for those who, um, can’t stop reading.


Read the books wherever you want! If you’re reading along with daughters in your own home, you can also talk about the books in your home. If you’re meeting with others, you’ll have to figure out that location together. We’ll be offering some discussion right here on Redeemed Reader and a bit more in the Facebook group associated with the read-along.


Honestly, the “how” will look a little different for each participant. A lot depends on your particular situation, which books you’ll be reading and with whom.

We’ve got some tips in the Reading Guide to help you figure that out for your situation, whether you’re a mom and daughter duo, a small group leader at your church, a school teacher, or just want to read along with some friends.

We do hope you’ll take advantage of the official Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Reading Guide because we’ve got some great resources in it to help you have the best read-along experience: a reading schedule, tips for your discussion time, weekly discussion questions for the book of Ruth plus each of the other books, recipes for your fellowship time, access to the Facebook group, and lots of additional resources to use to continue your discussions after the read-along is over. Bonus: there’s a promotional poster you can print and display at your church if you’d like to!

We’ve priced them affordably because we know many of you are also buying books. The individual family version is less than a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop; the small group version lets up to 12 people enjoy the guide for less than the price of 3 individuals.

Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Reading Guide for Individuals/FamiliesFaith, Fiction, & Fellowship Reading Guide for Small GroupsHOWEVER, you do not have to purchase the guide to read along with us! Just like our previous read-alongs, we will post some questions as we go here on Redeemed Reader, and you’re free to chat in the comments here on the blog with us.

If you’d really like to use the reading guide and Facebook group to get the full experience, but you’re unable to afford it, please get in touch with us. Alternately, if you’d like to sponsor someone else, we can work that out, too!

We hope you’re planning to join us!

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