Have You Seen the Redeemed Reader Quarterly?

Remember the days of full-color, glossy-paged print magazines that would arrive in your mailbox every month? Recall that pleasant sensation of opening up the latest issue of content-loaded goodness and no (or very little) advertising. Saturday Review, American Heritage, Gourmet, and even Mad Magazine now reside in the journalistic trash heap of history, but–

Redeemed Reader is going back to the future!

We’re not talking about catalogues of ads with content you have to track down from page to page. Nor are we talking about weekly mags that stack up in forbidding piles because you don’t have time to read them. The Fall issue of Redeemed Reader Quarterly is 21 packed pages centered around the ever-popular theme of “mysteries.”

Here’s a sample of the contents:

Lists of outstanding mysteries and mystery series for all ages,A clever chart featuring a literary “history of mystery,”Hayley looking back at the golden age of mysteries and looking forward to a new age on the horizon,A thoughtful original article on “The Heart of the Mystery” by Christian novelist R. J. Anderson (she of Swift and Pocket Full of Murder),Thoughts on what scares us and why from Janie,Practical tips on how to incorporate mysteries into your school curriculum, Code-breaking fun for kids, andGetting ready for Advent with Betsy’s thoughts on “The Mystery of the Incarnation.”

And believe it or not, there’s more!

The next issue will be shipped in early February. The theme will be “Family Stories,” with an emphasis on cozy reads, read-alouds, and making and sharing family memories. We already have a special feature article lined up, from a highly-acclaimed author with a terrific family story!

The Redeemed Reader Quarterly, at this point, is available only to RR Members. How can you be a member? Simply go to our membership page, choose your member tier, and sign up! We’d love to have you on our team!
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