Summer Reading Challenge Round-Up

It’s time for a summer reading challenge!

Redeemed Reader isn’t sponsoring a particular summer reading challenge this summer, but we’ve got some fantastic options in our archives. Even if you participated in one of these before, your kids are indubitably older than the first go ’round, so you can read different books on the list!

Around the World in 60 Days

Try our most popular, most extensive summer reading challenge and travel the globe, read old books, new books, graphic novels, nonfiction, fairy tales, and more. We’re in the process of updating this challenge so it’s more accessible and easier to use, but for now, you’ll have to follow the links. Note: the Pinterest boards mentioned in the post may or may not still be accessible.

Travel in Time

During one summer reading challenge, we traveled backwards and forwards in time. Teens took a deep dive into Genesis. The main challenge targeted middle grades, and there’s an extension list for younger readers, too.

Wisdom & Wonder

Wisdom & Wonder was our most recent official summer reading challenge, and it’s a gem for those wanting to dive into Proverbs this summer. Fairy tales, realistic fiction full of character lessons, and a devotional guide from New Growth Press make this one a winner.

Are you going to take on a summer reading challenge this summer?

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