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    White As Snow

    As a Central Louisiana and former East Texas resident, I don’t have many opportunities to see snow, unless I’m traveling further north.  What really strikes me as I sit at home today on a rare snow day, especially on a day when the sun hasn’t stolen the white crystals away yet, is the brightness I see when I look outside.  It may not be apparent in the picture I posted, but the dreariness of the sky does not affect the piercing glow of the snow-covered immaculate landscape. Time off from school.  Time to think and pray and ponder.  Catching up on emails, reading blogs, looking at pictures of other snowy yards, watching video…

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    Our First Date

    After letting everyone know that I married my first date, it occurred to me that folks may be interested in our first date.  Fitting for me, even still, our date didn’t go exactly as I had planned.   It was a Saturday, October 10, 1975, and I had just gotten off work at my grandmother’s dress shop.  The rest of my family was out of town, due to return sometime that evening.  When my grandmother dropped me off at home, I realized that my house key was missing.  Oops!  How was I to get ready for my very first date when I couldn’t get into my house?   Fortunately, I brought home…