Thank You, C. S. Lewis

This morning, doing devotions, I was reflecting on the resurrection. The phrase Deeper magic, before the dawn of time drifted unbidden into my reflections.

I smiled as other images and words rushed after it. A great emperor beyond the sea. Dawn. A cracked stone. Mice. Two joyful British girls playing tag with a mighty golden lion.

They say Aslan is on the move, perhaps has already landed.

Image Credit:  Marion E. Wade Center

How fitting to be thinking of Narnia, today, 70 years to the day since it was published.

Thank you, C. S. Lewis.

Thank you for helping me understand the wonder of the resurrection, through the wonder of a story.

Why is Aslan alive? Because it was degreed so before.

Why was Jesus raised? Because it was said.

Thank you, C. S. Lewis, for taking the mystery and glory and wonder and joy of the gospel and putting it in a story, so I could better understand the greater Story.

For, at 28, I do believe I am old enough to read fairy tales again.

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