The Tripods Series by John Christopher (Retro Reads)

The Tripods: classic science fiction from the 1960s that’s still enjoyable for today’s young teens.

The Tripods Series by John Christopher: The White Mountains, The City of Gold and Lead, The Pool of Fire, When the Tripods Came. Aladdin, 2014.

(boxed set; the first book was originally published in 1967)

Reading Level: Young Adult, ages 12-15

Recommended For: Young Adult, ages 12-15

Retro dystopian sci-fi: Metalic aliens called Tripods rule over the land. At great risk just before he transitions from boyhood to manhood, a boy named Will escapes the Tripods’ control and joins a resistance group hiding out in the mountains. The rest of the series chronicles their desperate attempts to defeat the Tripods and restore their world to its original state of order balanced with human free will and creativity.

This is a classic sci-fi series that raises great questions about governmental control, the distinctiveness of humanity, and what counts as courage. In an election year with government (and its policies) is front and center, a series like the Tripods offers great discussion prompts about what makes for good government, how people should respond when/if their freedoms are stripped away, and what really makes us human in the first place. Being made in God’s image is no small thing! Readers who enjoy “realistic” science fiction and reading about inventions and technology will enjoy the Tripods series. As with many book series, read these in publication order, saving the “prequel” for the final read (When the Tripods Came).


See analysis paragraph for possible discussion topicsOverall Rating: 4 out of 5

Worldview/Moral Rating: 4 out of 5Literary/Artistic Rating: 4 out of 5Related Reading From Redeemed Reader

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