Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship, Week 3: Let’s Discuss!

Ladies, are you enjoying your chosen books for our Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship read-along? 

Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship Discussion, Week 3

If you’ve purchased the official reading guide, you’ll have plenty of questions to help you think about the themes and connections in the books. But to help get the conversation going, here are a couple of week three’s questions that work for any of the books. (Feel free to answer in the comment section! We’re also going to dive into these in the Facebook group for the read-along.)

Question 1:

In what ways might you begrudge another sister? What about the characters in your book? Are their characters who are jealous of other characters? (either another character’s looks, her relationship with someone, her financial status, her skin color, ….). How does our unity in Christ relate to envy? (based on Closer Than a Sister)

Question 2:

Read James 4:7-10. What does James say to do when we covet? (based on Closer Than a Sister)

Question 3:

How do Ruth and Naomi rejoice with one another? (hint: you may need to read to the end of the book for this one!)

We’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know which book you’re reading and enjoying!

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