MŌRIAH Releases New Single ‘You Mean The World’

Recording artist, actress and producer MŌRIAH releases “You Mean The World” today (June 9) at digital and streaming outlets globally from The Fuel Music. The song is the second of several singles set to debut in the coming months from the multi-artist A New Heaven And A New Earth project that is slated to premiere winter 2023 / 2024.

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Writing, producing and engineering “You Mean The World,” MŌRIAH also enlisted Andrew Bergthold (We The Kingdom) to play stringed instrumentation. The resulting, beautifully crafted song of love envelopes concern for the world and everyone in it.

“When something or someone is vulnerable and unprotected, the first responsibility is to care,” says MŌRIAH. “I couldn’t have written these lyrics if my heart didn’t ache over the ways I’ve not taken that responsibility seriously in the past. The phrase ‘you mean the world to me’ is typically something I’d say to my family or a child. This is the same delicate care I want to attribute to the earth and its Creator.”


Clothed with the sun
Crowned with the stars
So who can say
Just what you are?
You mean the world (3X)
You mean the world to me

Along with the single, MŌRIAH collaborated with up-and-coming director Phynley Joel to capture a companion video for “You Mean The World” in both Rome and Nashville, which is slated to release later this month.

Reflecting on when she was first asked to participle in this A New Heaven And A New Earth project, MŌRIAH reveals, “At the time, I was having honest conversations with some of my closest creative collaborators about the hole in our community of songwriters. One of the few things that unites every person on this planet is that our feet are all planted on the same spinning miracle. By nurturing nature, we’re caring for each other.”

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