Nate Parrish Releases New Protest Song Bullets And Blades

Punk musician and Kutless member Nate Parrish has released a new song that is something of a protest towards our current social climate

Those behind the trigger only have the power we give them/
And the ones that call the shots rely on ammunition/
And if unity is something that we’re really fighting for/
then why do we keep settling for settling scores?

This is the question punk songwriter Nate Parrish asks at the heart of his new single “Bullets and Blades” (Indie Vision Music). Nate writes, “as humans, we have a built in need for acceptance, and a need to belong to something bigger than ourselves, the problem is that we too often choose to side with movements that just use us as ammunition in a war for power.” Nate continues, “this song is basically my declaration that I will not fall for mainstream media[…]