Tenth Avenue North Releases New Single ‘Invited’

After a three year hiatus, Tenth Avenue North is back with the release of their second new single, ‘Invited.’ Following their official comeback announcement in November 2023, the band delivers a poignant message with their new lineup.

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“Invited” resonates with the welcoming heart of God, as frontman Mike Donehey explains, “When I read scripture, it leaves me with the impression that God has a heart of invitation. Jesus dined with tax collectors, prostitutes, and the Pharisees, conveying a message that everyone is welcome, regardless of their background or beliefs.”

The song’s inspiration draws from the band’s roots, particularly their debut radio single, “Love is Here,” which quoted Isaiah 55, inviting all to come and find salvation. Donehey reflects, “Almost the last verse in the Bible in Revelation exclaims, ‘the spirit and the bride say come!’ Do we think it’s our job to change people or welcome them to the table so they can be near the only one who can?”

The heartfelt hospitality of Donehey’s parents serves as a model for the band’s message. “My parents have displayed the heart of God to me better than anyone else. They are constantly bringing people into their home and making them meals. They ooze hospitality,” Donehey shares.

Moreover, “Invited” marks a significant collaboration, with former guitarist Jeff Owen contributing the song’s concept alongside new members Thomas Ewing and Monty Rivera. Donehey views this as a beautiful torch pass, as the band revisits their roots while embarking on a new musical journey. “We’re still declaring the same thing. The message is simple. Come. Just come,” Donehey affirms.


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