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This Year, Choose To Get Closer To God.

By Gods grace we made it into the new year!

I’m sure we’ve all got our resolutions for some it may be strive to go to the gym and loose weight, others strive to find success in their careers, etc. But how many of us take the time and strive to make our faith a resolution.

Our relationship with God is like any other part of our lives, it won’t improve unless we intentionally put effort to progress it. In fact if we don’t put effort it can  diminish.

People usually choose a New Years resolution simply by looking at what’s wrong with their life, or what could they improve on and decide that that will be their resolution. These resolutions are often broad and unplanned. To have a better chance of accomplishing your resolutions give yourself specific objectives and set times you want to accomplish everything by. Setting specific objectives makes it easier to know where to start, and setting time frames reduces your chances of slaking because you know that you have a deadline.

Our faith is the most important thing in our lives yet we often omit it when comes the talk of resolutions for the New Year. When in fact it should constantly be our number one resolution, to get closer to God. This year I encourage you to set specific and realistic goals for your spiritual life. If you want to read your word more often don’t just leave it at that, give yourself a specific amount of reading you want to accomplish each day, week, month. If you want to improve on your prayer life, dictate how much time you want to spend time praying each day, and gradually increase.

People often bless others for the New year but we have to take the time ourselves to choose to get closer to God.

Finally I would strongly encourage you to share your plan with a trusted friend, so they can keep you accountable. It could even become a journey you both walk on together, but accountability and encouragement are really important and they help you to persevere.

This year choose to get closer to God. Don’t give up, persevere each day. I’ll be praying for you, hope you do the same and remember that the best focus is to be kingdom focussed. 

Written by: Allan Pierre 

Reviewed and edited by : Audrey Pierre (founder of @Kingdomfocussed

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

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