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Without The Cross Easter Has No Meaning

I don’t know about you but when spring comes I get so excited. That means the good weather is coming back, patio season is at our doors, the flowers are blooming but most important is Easter! Though some people get excited about the chocolates and the bunnies what I look to most about this holiday is church. If it wasn’t for the cross, Easter would have no meaning.

Easter is more than just Good Friday and dressing nice on Easter Sunday, it’s more than just family and having a nice super with the church it’s a reminder that Jesus fought death and beat it! A reminder that we are no longer slaves, that we have the victory in Jesus! A reminder that though we may walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will overcome. For those of us believers it is also a reminder that though we may die or go through grief of a loved one, that it is not the end and we will surely all be reunited in heaven.

In this time I am sure most of us will be attending church and the many activities that they will be hosting, I encourage you all to not just celebrate Easter for that weekend alone, but an ongoing thanks to God in our daily lives for the sacrifice he made for us on Calvary.

By Kingdom Focussed

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