Worship Pastor And Recording Artist Ke’Erron Signs with Integrity Music

NASHVILLE, Tennessee
Worship pastor and recording artist, Ke’Erron (Sims) recently signed with Nashville-based label Integrity Music. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Ke’Erron’s has a heart for nations and various cultures, and a mission is to create opportunities for people to experience God through music. His artistry blends pop, worship, CCM and gospel with his primary aim to tell stories of God’s selfless, life-giving love that changes everything.

“My mission is to paint a picture of Jesus through songs so that people can see him in their lives and be changed,” said the 32-year-old artist. “I want people to be able to forget about what they’re going through and just focus on Him.”

Ke’Erron has served in bi-lingual churches and leads worship fluently in Spanish, broadening his audience and reaching Spanish as well as English-speaking worshippers around the world.
After 12 years of producing his own music, Ke’Erron is excited to partner with Integrity Music. His first album with Integrity, “Anything Can Happen,” is set to release this year.

“I love the fact that [Integrity] is ministry first. I feel like Integrity keeps the ‘why’ in the forefront,” said Ke’Erron. “I can align myself with this because I feel like there’s a love here for artists as well as creatives, and we’re treated as missionaries, which is special because we are going out and sharing the gospel. It feels like home and that that was the deciding factor for me.”

“The moment you hear Ke’Erron’s voice, it’s like meeting him in person. He’s as genuine, humble, and talented as he sounds, and it’s an honor to come alongside him to tell others about what God is doing in his life – and what God can do in yours,” said Integrity Music A&R Manager Taylor Agan.

“There is a vulnerability in Ke’Erron’s songs and in the way he leads worship and draws people into a place of recognizing their own vulnerability. That’s where I think God does the most powerful work in our lives,” said Integrity Music President Jonathan Brown. “He’s a real person of substance, and it’s a privilege to serve someone like that who we know is going to impact lives for Jesus.”

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