A New Heaven And A New Earth Duo Waterdeep Releases ‘Into The Unseen’

Nashville-based husband and wife duo, Don and Lori Chaffer of Waterdeep, releases “Into the Unseen” today (Jan. 26) at digital and streaming outlets globally from The Fuel Music. The song is the seventh single from the multi-artist A New Heaven And A New Earth project that celebrates the beauty of God’s Creation and calls believers to be faithful stewards of the world. The full-length project is slated to premiere in summer, 2024.

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Written, produced and recorded by Waterdeep, “Into the Unseen” is an acoustic guitar-driven orchestral song that awakens the heart to the mystery of God’s beautiful gift of Creation, while asking us to consider how our choices affect our neighbors, all through lyrical storytelling reminiscent of Aesop’s Fables or the parables of Jesus. The single opens with the lyrics:

Morning mist like a dream,
We were living in the promised land.
Strolling out among the leaves.
No fear of sickness or the empty hand.

“When thinking through the human condition and why there is a problem in the world,” Lori says, “sometimes the easiest thing for me is to process it in terms of a fable or a story.” While writing the song together, Don adds, “We were trying to articulate how we, as humans, wound up deciding it was not very important to care for our natural surroundings when that was actually the original commission, to care for the garden and all the creatures in it.”

“If someone gave me a car or a house,” explains Lori, “I would feel an obligation to take care of it. And how much more so if someone gave me a planet. Maybe I should consider how I live in it, and how that affects others.”

“There’s always part of our faith in God that goes beyond what we understand,” expounds Don. “We intuitively know what Lori says is right, but it’s like a truth we’ve forgotten. Thankfully, even a little time in nature, and we remember the majesty and mystery of Creation as well as the majesty and mystery of the God who made that Creation, and who reveals Himself through it.”

In addition to “Into the Unseen,” A New Heaven And A New Earth tracks already released include: GRAMMY®-nominated, Dove Award-winning Building 429 lead vocalist Jason Roy’s “It’s All Yours;” iconic singer/songwriter Phil Joel’s “Arms Around The World;” recording artist, actress and producer MŌRIAH’s “You Mean The World;” Dove Awards-winning, No.1 Billboard-charting, Stellar Award-nominated Aaron Cole’s “Together;” Roy, Joel and Don Chaffer‘s “Our Common Home;” and chart-topping recording artist and songwriter Micah Tyler’s “So Will I.

Each of these well-known Christian artists felt led to participate, responding to the call to write and record a song on taking care of Creation. The songs collectively cover rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, indie, folk/ Americana and more musical genres.

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