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Follow Jesus and not Christians

I’ve noticed that in the Christian community we always want to strive to be like others, we’ll notice other people doing something and want to do it just like them. Or on the flip side sometimes there might be a lack of something.. let’s say a lack of kindness and instead of doing it differently well just follow the way that everyone is in the church instead of actually doing what Jesus would do. This is an issue because we aren’t called to be like every other christian we see but we care called to be like Jesus Christ. Granted, we can never reach perfection but we must strive everyday to be better and do better. Never forget that we are his representation on earth we might be doing what other christians are doing but we can’t forget that other people are looking at us to and it is by our actions and testimony that they can come christ or not come to him as well. We are meant to live in community and take care of one another, which is something we lack in and here are a few examples of how we can do so and be more like Jesus.


For starters, one of the 10 commandments says to love your neighbour as you love yourself (matt 22;39), therefore we can see that we are called to show love towards one another always, there shouldn’t be any hate, jealousy or any of that. When we chose to operate in love it eliminates all spirits that are negative and that way there is less hurt in the church community because everyone’s intentions are pure and genuine.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11 it says to encourage one another and build each other up. Giving a word of encouragement can go such a long way, you never know the impact that can to for someone. It’s the difference between someone feeling defeated to now being encouraged to continue, the difference between someone being sad and now their spirits are lifted. Encouragement isn’t always by words either but also by your presence and prayer.

If we take a look at colossians 3:9 it also tells us not to lie to one another. It is of the utmost importance that we are always honest with one another, when something happens let’s tell the truth, but not only being truthful but doing it from a loving place. Honesty is what can make or break relationships and if we are intentional about living in community and wanting to be like Jesus honesty has to be nonnegotiable.


There are many other points but these are the most important ones, Everything else comes after. Living in community with other christians can be complicated but if we chose to follow Jesus and not what other Christians are doing it’ll make it a much simpler and enjoyable experience.


By Kingdom Focussed

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