Mat Kearney Celebrates 10-Year’s of ‘City of Black & White’

Nashville, TN (June 19, 2019)
To celebrate the 10-Year anniversary of his now classic second LP City of Black & White, Mat Kearney chose to rework some of his favorite songs from the album that he re-recorded with the help of JT Roach. The result is the City of Black & White Revisited EP that is due out June 28th.

“To celebrate City of Black & White turning 10 years old, I wanted to revisit some of my favorite moments from that record. A few months ago, I was driving around Nashville and it came on my phone. I was transported back to the moment when I wrote and recorded City of Black & White. It was my sophomore record and I was under a lot pressure to follow Nothing Left to Lose, which had been commercially very successful. We assembled a band and set up shop at the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville. It was exhilarating and scary; I was equal parts terrified and confident. We tracked a lot of it as a band and used a lot of raw one take performances. Out of those sessions came a cohesive pleasing record with songwriting (for the most part) I am still really proud of today. A few weeks ago, I set up shop in my home studio with some friends and set a deadline of a week to see what we could do to revisit some of the songs. We stumbled on what we started calling as a ‘Lo-Fi Nashville’ sound. The songs took on a life of their own and gave me a new love from some of the them that I’ve been singing for a while now. Can’t wait for you to listen!”

—Mat Kearney

The City of Black & White LP was originally released in May 2009 via Aware/Columbia and has been streamed more than 53 illion times in the U.S. alone. It’s one of five studio albums Kearney has released over his career that have gone on to stream 1.67 billion times globally. He’s toured extensively throughout and is looking forward to bringing fans a very special run of dates this fall on his City of Black & White (Revisited) Acoustic Tour that will put him in some of the most intimate spaces he’s played in years. Always a story teller, the stripped-down sets will give fans a chance to hear some of their most beloved Mat Kearney songs, while getting a sneak peek into what he’s been working on since last year’s CRAZYTALK LP.