Wile E Coyote, Physical Science Genius

Find out why that poor coyote never actually catches the speedy roadrunner in these clever science books for young physicists.
Wile E. Coyote, physical science genius (series) by Suzanne Slade and Mark Weakland. Capstone Press, 2014.
Zap! Experiments with energy
Splat: Experiments with states of matter
Thud: Experiments with forces of motion
Smash: Experiments with simple machines
This series turns Looney Tunes into science books. Each volume explains how, if Wile E. Coyote would just use his brains, he would catch Road Runner. Because of the principles of physics (simple machines, forces of motion, states of matter and energy), you find out why Wile’s traps don’t work. The illustrations are just like what you would see in the cartoons with additional scientific explanations. Highly recommended for young coyotes chasing roadrunners and readers building traps. New titles also available.
This joint review was created by Megan and her 11yo son, Henry.
Cautions: None
Overall rating: 3.5 stars
Artistic: 3.5 stars
Worldview: 3.5 stars

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