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    The Sound of the Brass Bell

    As the ornately embossed brass bell rang out in the orderly classroom, every little soldier knew what that meant. Everyone was to be seated with eyes to the front, feet on the floor, and mouths zipped shut. Any nonconformity was simply not tolerated. Children quickly understood that foolishness would result in the crack of a ruler on the hand of an unruly classmate. Although the fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, shaking in your boots all day long in school, afraid of a teacher tirade was no place for learning. Imagine what I must have felt when I joined that first grade class, changing schools for the…

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    Breadcrumbs From a Hair Dryer

    I was sitting on the floor drying my hair yesterday and trying to figure out why I’m here (in Nashville). I felt called here without knowing exactly why or what my next step was going to be. Now here I am, almost three weeks later, still searching for an answer or even a hint. Usually I feel ungrateful or selfish if I ask God for things – especially because I am sad to admit the last year or so I feel as though when I need help I only pray as a last resort instead of an initial instinct. But as I was drying my hair I realized how crazy…

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    Breadcrumb Trails

    “God works in mysterious ways.” We have all heard — and probably used — this saying before. Although there is a lot of truth in that statement, I am starting to figure out that He has a particular strategy when it comes to my life. I tend to be a bit of a dreamer. I like to use my imagination and I like to use it in all aspects of life. As with any personality trait, this can be a blessing but can also cause me a little trouble sometimes. When I get an idea in my head, my imagination takes off and there is no way to slow it down! Whether it’s thinking…